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Due to the lack of rules in the past, there's an important message to be delivered.

After some time now, there is a tendency of "wanting to die" if someone is not corresponded inmediatly to ones words. I say, this gotta change. First of all, nothing should lead you to such dramas. 2. I am always with you 3. Sometimes I have shit to do. 4. I am slow 5. Trust me 6. I will never do you any harm. From the bottom of my heart. 7. I will love you for ever 8. I ve never met anyone so nice, so I will try and nurture the relationship. 9. I too flow on trust.

Rules to follow:

  1. good vibes
  2. love each other, such as they are
  3. try n do no drama
  4. Speak nicely to your self.

5. Put no pressure nor time

6. Treat one another with respect