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Through out the ages, in a new galaxy called Paradise Present, is the story of a group of girls called Skwad. Paradise Present is characterized by it s 4 double minded moons one pink, one green another one blue and the last being a reflection of what -goes on- each moment. Another characteristic of this galaxy is the fantastical ambience of water all through out. Were instead of thin air, they live in water. it s known particularly for it s big magical cascade, baybiuwu, which circulates this bright pink magical potion called uwu.

A group of girls, ranging from ages 3-9 will go off trying to reach the magical cascade. Known as The Skwad, these girls will have a slow ride telling their stories. They can t do it with pressure, and they are kinda slow. Specially written projects. But none the less, they are persistent.

The girls are 1.Babyme, 3 years old. 2.saturniada, 4 years old 3. mooncycles 4. gottabefaster

These girls have one particular trait. they all reflect one another.