The Malibu Comics Wiki could see many updates daily. Such a frequent flow of changes can often be difficult to organize. In order to best keep a unified direction to our project we set 'tasks'.

If you would like to start editing a task, you should first check out the Stubs, Templates, and Naming Conventions for quick reference. Follow the below links to the various task sections.


  • Copy Edit - Articles that require minor copy editing work. (i.e. corrections or updates.)
  • Image Needed - Articles that contain no images and could use some 'beautification'.
  • Merge - Two or more articles that would be best brought together into a single page.
  • Priority Copy Edit - Articles that are in need of immediate attention by our editors.
    (Please see the category for more details of what may constitute a priority copy edit.)
  • Wikify - Articles that need to have wiki syntax fixed or added.

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