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So starting through the beginning. A not normal route taken in Malibu. We have our setting. Group of girls in search of this magic liquid.

So one day, the youngest of all asks a question. What is life, she mumbled. Baby, the youngest one of all maybe the strongest one as well starts up with this question. All the other girls were accustomed because baby always asked existencial questions with out a real definite answer. After the question, all the girls looked at each other thinking of an answer. Baby was the impatient type. She wanted quick answers to her daily dramas. But no one will give her the answers of her doubts. She understood this and fell into oblivion once this happened. So there, at midspace, she went off looking for every material posible that would bring her to a final answer, the conclusion.

What s life, she repeated to her self.

Life, she went of looking for the meaning. Lots of books gave her a sum of perspectives. Were she could not understand it because she had never lived what the book said.

So there, with no answer she set off in a nightwalk through the different moons.

There, once everything was calmer she could think a bit better.

-Life- then she kept on mumbling. Life is pi she heard from up above. life is life another voice said. no no ! life is success. o shit she said. Life is love, one bird who stumped by said.

So with all of these answers she was a bit confused.

Life she thought. That perfect ride. Were everything is meant to be. Were there are no doubts. were the soul is teased for a moment thinking he does not know best. were hard work pays best. were eager hearts find one another. and silly girls get lost in their computers.